Watercolor Hoo Doo - They Did by Gary Eleinko

Hoo Doo - They Did

"Hoo Doo - They Did" 2009,  Ink Jet Transfer, watercolor, gouache, pencil, on paper; 40" x 26"
  The structure of this piece derives from a road trip I took this fall to 17 national parks and monuments in the interior west and southwest.  Its color is reflective of deep blues skies and red rock formations and buttes found throughout the area, and in particular the Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon.  The faces relate to the sculpting of Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse.We see a tower of hypocritical governmental and religious leaders, who act as role models professing family values, sanctity of marriage, anti-gay sentiments, and a personal dialog with God.  In real life they’re cads, their exposure an erosion of civic and spirtual leadership.  We wonder, “What were they thinking?”.  We wonder where there brains are located.  Look for clues in the work.  These a